Japanese anime

Nowadays we can observe active development of entertainment industry. Especially it concerns cinema and television. The most people spend their spare time watching TV. Some of them watch action films, other prefer comedy and melodramas. But there is a numerous audience, which is found of Japanese anime. As for me I also like watching such a kind of animation. Thinking over this fact I was very interested what attracts me and people of the same age. This question motivates my investigation.

   Anime  is a kind of Japanese animation. The main audiences are teenagers.  It is created for teenagers that why the main part of audiences are people from eleven till twenty. The biggest part is based on Japanese comic strips, called манга. The peculiar features are graphical style, big eyes of character and complicated plot. The creator of the traditional Japanese Anime is Осаму Тадзука. He painted very big eyes of the characters to show their strong feelings and emotions. This way let him reflect inner world of character. As a rule there are positive and negative characters in films. A positive hero is brave, kind, clever, with a good sense of humor, He [s very responsible and always tries to help people. I think it’s very important, because a lot of young people want to be alike him and follow his example. On the other hand a negative character is also presented as a strong person, who has some positive traits of character, but his aims are ignoble. In many cases at the end of films negative character realizes his mistakes and becomes better. From my point of view such development of plot gives as a good opportunity to compare our live and live of anime’s characters. We can use their experience in our objective reality, we can avoid their mistakes, we can just enjoy beauty of characters. In my opinion these advantages attract us and make us watch Japanese anime again and again.

      And what about other people? I asked 85 pupils from different schools. I had 5 questions. They are:

  1. Do you watch anime?
  2. Do you like to watch anime?
  3. Why do you like to watch anime?
  4. How often do you watch anime?
  5. Will you watch anime when you are twenty?         

 According to my investigation 78% watch anime. More then 50% watch anime once a week. 20% watch anime twice e week. Other watch anime several times a month (two or three). Answering the question about causes 15% said that the causes were Japanese legends, narrated in films. 40% were found of plot, but a genre of anime did not matter, it could be fantastic, historical, military and other genres. 19% was attracted by beauty of characters and graphical style in general. The rest respondents did not mention the cause because they like “just to watch it”. The most (65%) teenagers were sure that they would watch anime in future in any case. Others didn’t answer.

        The results of my investigation let me conclude that the most teenagers like to watch Japanese anime because it very interesting for them. They are attracted by complicated plot and graphical style. They also value high quality of anime and are going to watch it for a long time.  It means that anime has a great influence upon inner world of young generation.

Made by Lagkonova Ksenia, 9th form


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