Buryatia is an ancient and amazing land near Lake Baikal. Look at the map: the Republic embraces the bowl of Lake Baikal with its crystal-clear drinking water, one of the main treasures in the present-day world, as if holding it gently in its hands.
Baikal occupies a special place in our history, culture, and legends. It has long since attracted nomadic tribes, which held him sacred, and it has remained so to this day. As time flew by, the land found itself successively under the domination of Hunnu, Syanbi, Kurykan, Uighur, Kidani, Jujani and Merkit tribes. Their tile graves and rock paintings have remained a part of steppe landscapes to this day.
Genghis Khan, the founder of a great nomadic empire, also treasured the territory of the present-day Buryatia for its beautiful landscapes, healing properties of mineral springs and emanation of positive biological energy. He laid a ban (Ikh Khorig) on human interference in the nature of that land so as future generations could recreate and meditate there, and enjoy its quietude.

Buddhism, Shamanism, Old Belief and Orthodoxy coexist in Buryatia peacefully. Of great interest are the phenomenon of Dashi Dordji Etigelov, a Buryat lama, whose body has been lying for 80 years undecayed, and the culture of Trans-Baikal Old Believers – the Semeiskie community – included by the UNESCO into the World Heritage List.


The geographical location between Europe and Asia, the historical, cultural and natural resources, traditional hospitality and the establishment of a special economic area intended for tourism and recreation – the Baikal Haven – have made Buryatia more popular in the tourism market.
Some international tourist routes based on the historical and cultural legacy of Russia, Mongolia and China, such as the “Great Tea Route”, “The Oriental Ring”, “The Trans-Siberian Express” and “Baikal-Khubsugur”, cross Buryatia. The aim of travel agencies operating in the Republic is to make the stay of tourists in Buryatia unforgettable by ensuring a high level of traditional Baikal hospitality. You will never forget hikes in the taiga forest; horseback rides in the steppe filled with the fragrance of aromatic grasses; rafting along mountain rivers; climbing of Munko-Sadyk, the highest peak in Eastern Siberia; the polyphonic singing of Old Believers; the merry national holidays of Sagaalgan (White Crescent), Altargan, Bolder, Surkharban and Eryn Gurban Naadan, with the traditional Buryat wrestling, archery and horse races; the festivals of ethnic music “Stars of the White Crescent”, “Make Way, Korogod”, “The Golden Voice of Baikal”; the tasty Buryat pozas; the rich Semeiskie cabbage soup; the crystal-clear Baikal water and the intoxicating air!

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